Let's Stay Cosy Indoors Together!

Let's Stay Cosy Indoors Together! image

Hello Fellow Furniture and Design Lovers!


A big warm hug from us to you!

A lot seems to have changed in the world since our last update, when we thought that after a little nurturing, we would once again be free. But, adjusting to this strange new normality, masked up, constant sanitizing and being home bound more than ever, needs a longer perspective. How are you coping? 

Our team here at Furnish From Home hope you are staying safe and well. 

We get it. It can get quite boring, being stuck indoors for a large majority of the time. Especially if you have little ones around. No doubt you have been on Instagram and Pinterest in hopes of inspiration, and lucky for you, we have just the thing for you today! 

You guessed it…a cozy winter makeover! Your day just got a whole lot more interesting! 

Not convinced? Let us show you why this will be the perfect isolation winter activity. 

It seems to be getting colder...

Blankets, rugs, fuzzy pillows and bean bags. 

That’s what we love about winter, getting all snuggled up with the family as you enjoy a Friday night movie marathon. Is there anything better? 


Colour, Colour, Colour!

The kids love colour, and so do we! 

We may feel a little down and dull, being stuck indoors for an extended period of time. 
Spice things up by allowing the kids to pick a few bright and vibrant pieces of furniture to lighten the atmosphere in the house! 

Fairytale Fun!

Friday night movie marathons have got us thinking… 
How about some creative little mini adventures and fairytales for the kids to embark on? 

Tea parties, playhouses, blanket forts. You name it! 
Bring their imagination to life this isolation! 

A single bunk bed, a couple of armchairs, a world of IMAGINATION!

But don't worry. We will leave the thinking part to you...


Here are just a few reasons why a cozy winter makeover will be such a great idea this time of the year! 

Want more inspiration? 

Browse our new range of products on our website today and bring it all to life! 


Want some help? 

Feel free to email us your interior dilemmas and we will be more than happy to assist! 
Most of all, have fun moving things around and getting sweaty and dusty with the kids! 
That is what it’s ultimately about in the end, the beautiful makeover is just a bonus! :)

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