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Dear Fellow Furniture and Design Lovers

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We have been busy behind the scenes developing our webstore and expanding our product range to bring you a wide selection of great products at affordable prices.

So it is with some excitement that we start our blog journey. And today, we talk about how to modernise your home while still keeping your favourite old or vintage furniture and incorporating it into a modern scheme.


M I X I N G   O L D   W I T H   N E W

If you feel you want to modernise your home but can’t bear to part with some favourite old pieces, here are some tips to help you incorporate them into your home and still achieve a cohesive, modern style



Is the easiest way to modernise your space and tie a room together so don’t underestimate its power.

Allow the walls and floors to speak, as well as the furniture and accessories. Selecting shades from

opposing sides of the colour wheel in particular, can have a big impact on how a room feels. Cool tones like blue or teal add a modern feel and make a room look fresh and also larger. By adding contrasting tones, from the opposite side of the colour wheel, you add depth to the space and ensure it doesn’t look flat and cold.

Warm tones make a room feel cosy and if this is the feel you’re after, make this your dominant shade and then add modern touches with cooler tones. A dash of gold or bronze will also add warmth and a bit of pizzazz too.



Don’t believe the old colour rhymes like “blue and green should never be seen”. Mother nature is the ultimate creative, so let her be your guide. She produces the most incredible colour combinations that humans have been trying to replicate for centuries.

Consider using 2 to 4 colours per room. But it is about balance and often less is more. Play with the colour wheel and start small.

Timber, with its many tones is the perfect foil for adding warmth to a space without appearing to add colour. Or the timeless warmth of natural rattan.

Give treasured vintage items pride of place against a clean backdrop. This will make them look more valuable and will ensure they don’t feel like clutter.



Rearrange furniture and give pieces a new function to give the space a fresh vibe. Play with texture, materials, colours and prints as well. Sometimes the most unlikely groupings create the most interesting vista.

Experiment by switching things around and using pieces in unusual ways. Repurpose a treasured chest of drawers as a sideboard in the dining room, or extra storage in the kitchen. Modern kitchens

have drawers these days, so why not a freestanding chest of drawers to house your plates and pans? Arrange a modern framed print to sit on top along with a beautiful plant, and voilà, you have a visual feast.

When it comes to plants, add lots of them and flowers too. As well as cleansing the air in your home to help keep you healthy, plants add a personal touch and can really transform a space in the most beautiful way.



If you would like help with a particular space in your home, please do reach out. We offer complementary online design advice.

New items are arriving all the time so do come back often and check out what’s new in store.

Until next time, love your home!

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